About Andrew

A photographer capturing with his mind before the lens.

Andrew Bornhoft has been capturing his favorite people and places since his father first put a camera in his hands over 20 years ago. He possesses the unique ability to see people despite their exteriors and capture their inner truth. His photos carry a personality all there own and appear so lifelike you may think you feel the subject’s own breath. No matter how you experience his photos, the images captured are stunning windows into the life captured with every clap of the shutter.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Andrew is his ability to capture your imagination. Who are you in your mind? Who are you when you are alone? These are the people captured by his lens.

Whether you are looking for images with your family, friends, office, or just yourself; wether you need your craft captured, or an image to capture others, Andrew’s photos will be anything but static.


 Rhys Logan